Cyber attack – it’s not ‘if’ it’s ‘when’ – Hiscox Business Blog

Stephane Flaquet shares his approach to cyber security and how Hiscox’s strategy is just as relevant to small businesses. Source: Cyber attack – it’s not ‘if’ it’s ‘when’ - Hiscox Business Blog ThanksAhmed

Oracle SQL: Normalize the UnNormalized

What is the problem? Sometimes you are faced with a bad (poorly normalized) schema design. For example: But, you may need the output to be in the following normalized form: The correct solution may be to fix the schema design, but in most cases this will not be feasible. Test Case 1: We need to … Continue reading Oracle SQL: Normalize the UnNormalized

Formatting a Wrapped Execution Plan

If you received or produced an execution plan like the following unreadable one: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Id  | Operation                   | Name                    | E-Rows |  OMem |1Mem | Used-Mem |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|   0 | SELECT STATEMENT            |                         |        |       ||          ||   1 |  SORT AGGREGATE             |                         |      1 |       ||          ||*  2 |   HASH JOIN                 |                         |     13 |  1102K|1102K|  … Continue reading Formatting a Wrapped Execution Plan