How can I create an Oracle Table with Nested Table?

This is a quick demo about how we can create a table with column of type nested table? how to query the nested table data in different ways?. Let us start:

VirtualBox: Failed to import appliance , Result Code: E_INVALIDARG (0x80070057)

Background: I uploaded one VirtualBox appliance to Google Drive to share with my friends. Appliance is a little-bit big one (30GB), that is why I divided it into 10 zip files using 7-zip software. My friend downloaded the appliance, started to import it, but he received the following error: Failed to import appliance C:\Users\<username>\Downloads\EM13cR2\EM13cR2.ova.Result Code: … Continue reading VirtualBox: Failed to import appliance , Result Code: E_INVALIDARG (0x80070057)

Oracle Backup & Recovery Hands-on Practice – Oracle Database 18c VM

Do you want to practice recovering from the following common failures (with a guided step-by-step procedure)?: Recovering from a critical file loss (SYSTEM , UNDO)Recovering from a non-critical file lossRecovering from the loss of the control fileRecovering from the loss of all control filesRecovering from the loss of an inactive redo log fileRecovering from the … Continue reading Oracle Backup & Recovery Hands-on Practice – Oracle Database 18c VM

Schedule RMAN Backup Job in one minute

In this demo, I'm going to schedule a backup job to run daily at a specific time. The backup script provided in this video is for demo only, please don't use it in production without proper testing. RegardsAhmed

Oracle RAC One Node Training Course

Welcome to my first online course about Oracle RAC One Node Database.This is really a very interesting, practical, and powerful course about the Oracle RAC One Node database feature.Please note that this is not a standard oracle training course. In this course, I'm really sharing with you my project implementation experience and real tips and … Continue reading Oracle RAC One Node Training Course

How to export an oracle database schema using Oracle Data Pump?

In this quick demo, I'll explain to you the steps to export one schema called OE using expdp utility. Please note that you should already created a directory to hold the dump files and log files, using the following steps: ThanksAhmed

Oracle Fail Safe 4.2.1 Implementation Plan on Windows 2016 and Oracle 12cR2

Following is the high level plan of Fail Safe 4.2.1 implementation on Windows 2016 and Oracle Database 12cR2 ( System Administrator Activities: Database Administrator Activities: ThanksAhmed