How to create the Scott Demo Database Schema?

Scott schema is the most famous oracle database demo schema that is available since 1990 !. Scott is a database user used for demonstration purposes containing the famous EMP, DEPT, BONUS and SALGRADE tables.This account was named after Bruce Scott (co-author and co-architect of Oracle v1 to v3) and the password was the name of his daughter's cat, Tiger. … Continue reading How to create the Scott Demo Database Schema?

Installing Oracle Sample Schemas (19.3)

In this post, I'm going to explain how to install Oracle sample schemas, if they are not already installed. If you created a database sing DBCA , you can select to install the sample schemas: Or you can install sample schemas manually after the database creation as explained in this post. Download the Scripts: Starting … Continue reading Installing Oracle Sample Schemas (19.3)

Loading Arabic Data Into Oracle Database using SQLCL

This is a follow up post on my previous post: you read this post, you find that we uploaded some data , part of it was Arabic data, and although it was loaded successfully, the Arabic data was corrupted (appeared as ???????). In this post, we see how we can configure sqlcl to load and … Continue reading Loading Arabic Data Into Oracle Database using SQLCL

Loading Data into Oracle Database from text CSV files

In this post we are going to load data from text files (formatted as CSV “comma separated values”) into oracle database (12.1) using 3 different techniques: Oracle SQL LoaderOracle SQL DeveloperOracle sqlcl command line utility. We will just touch the above techniques; you still need to drill down for more options and more details. Environment: … Continue reading Loading Data into Oracle Database from text CSV files

Removing Oracle Database Software 12.2 (Grid + Database)

I have an Oracle Restart virtual machine that has both Oracle grid Infrastructure 12cR2 (12.2) and Oracle Database 12c R2 (12.2) + one CDB database called "orcl". I need to fully remove all oracle components from this machine. About the Deinstallation Tool Starting with Oracle Database 12c, the deinstallation tool is integrated with the database … Continue reading Removing Oracle Database Software 12.2 (Grid + Database)

Oracle VirtualBox: Resize Linux Filesystem

We have an Oracle Linux Virtual Machine that we created in our previous post up and running. When I examined the space on this VM, I found that I have only 2GB of free space available in "/" filesystem, which is not enough for me to do my work. So, I decided to increase … Continue reading Oracle VirtualBox: Resize Linux Filesystem

Oracle VirtualBox: Create new Virtual Machine

In this post we are going to create a new virtual machine and configure it to use an already existing virtual disk. This disk contains Oracle Linux 6.3 + Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12.2 + Oracle Database 12.2. We will create the machine two times, one time using the VirtualBox Manager (Gui Interface), and another time … Continue reading Oracle VirtualBox: Create new Virtual Machine

Oracle VirtualBox: Change Disk UUID

This is my first post after my blog was recognized by feedspot as one of the Top 100 Oracle blogs . I'm really happy of this recognition, and I hope I'll continue providing high quality content and sharing a real oracle experience, thanks feedspot. Coming back to our subject today. I have a valuable … Continue reading Oracle VirtualBox: Change Disk UUID

TP-Link Router AC1200 C50 Configuration

I bought a new router TP-Link AC 1200 C50 for my home, below how I tried to configure it. Initially, I tried to configure it while being outside my home and without internet connection. For many routers, you can configure the router offline, without connecting to your home internet or any internet connection, but this … Continue reading TP-Link Router AC1200 C50 Configuration

Oracle RMAN Database Full Cold Backup Demo For similar script for the full database hot backup: ThanksAhmed