Removing Oracle Database Software 12.2 (Grid + Database)

I have an Oracle Restart virtual machine that has both Oracle grid Infrastructure 12cR2 (12.2) and Oracle Database 12c R2 (12.2) + one CDB database called "orcl". I need to fully remove all oracle components from this machine. About the Deinstallation Tool Starting with Oracle Database 12c, the deinstallation tool is integrated with the database … Continue reading Removing Oracle Database Software 12.2 (Grid + Database)

Oracle RAC 12c Installation on Linux ThanksAhmed

Oracle RAC 12c Installation on Two Linux Virtual Machines

Introduction: This post is just a screen cast for the process of: Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c on two nodes clusterCreating additional Disk Groups.Creating optional ACFS.Installing Oracle Database 12c with RAC option.Database creation. This post will not include any details about the following tasks: Virtual machine creationNetwork configurationSoftware download and stagingPrerequisite review and fulfilmentShared storage … Continue reading Oracle RAC 12c Installation on Two Linux Virtual Machines

Oracle Database Migration to Exadata – Case Study

Objective: This report will show the detailed steps that we followed to migrate a real client production database from its current production server to the Exadata machine. Environment:  SourceTargetServer Nameprod-n-214exa-db-101Database NamePRODPRODOracle version11.2.0.311.2.0.3O.SLinux OEL 6.5Exadata OEL 6.8Character setWE8ISO8859P1WE8ISO8859P1Clustered:Single InstanceSingle Instance Migration High Level Plan: Migration Preparation.Backup the production database.Duplicate the production database to Exadata.Post Migration stepsValidate … Continue reading Oracle Database Migration to Exadata – Case Study

Oracle tnsnames.ora Distribution Management System!

What? Does tnsnames.ora file need a Distribution Management System? In our case, the answer is yes. It is a headache to implement our client requirements without some sort of automation. What is tnsnames.ora file? tnsnames.ora is a text file that resides on the ORACLE_HOME/network/admin and contains some simple information about our databases connection information, it … Continue reading Oracle tnsnames.ora Distribution Management System!