VBoxClient: Could not find symbol address

Problem Description: While one of my VirtualBox machines was running, a power crash happened and I had to restart my laptop.After restarting the laptop, I started that virtual machine again, it started, but I got the following errors, and I was not able to access the machine from VirtualBox (seems to be hang), but I … Continue reading VBoxClient: Could not find symbol address

Virtual Machine with Oracle Database 12c R2 12.2 and Oracle Restart

https://youtu.be/qsepeUPQ-JU For more information on how to get this VM and other similar machines, please refer to:https://ahmedfattah.com/2020/06/13/oracle-virtual-machines-for-sale/ ThanksAhmed

Oracle VirtualBox: Create new Virtual Machine

In this post we are going to create a new virtual machine and configure it to use an already existing virtual disk. This disk contains Oracle Linux 6.3 + Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12.2 + Oracle Database 12.2. We will create the machine two times, one time using the VirtualBox Manager (Gui Interface), and another time … Continue reading Oracle VirtualBox: Create new Virtual Machine

Oracle VirtualBox: Change Disk UUID

This is my first post after my blog was recognized by feedspot as one of the Top 100 Oracle blogs https://blog.feedspot.com/oracle_blogs/ . I'm really happy of this recognition, and I hope I'll continue providing high quality content and sharing a real oracle experience, thanks feedspot. Coming back to our subject today. I have a valuable … Continue reading Oracle VirtualBox: Change Disk UUID

Oracle Database 32-bit Funny Migration to 64-bit

Objective: Migrating one 32-bit database that resides on an old Windows 2008 (32-bit) (4GB memory) to Windows 2008 64-bit (no upgrade) on a brand new server with 64GB memory. {At 2017 and still there is database ==> yes there is!} Introduction and Background I have a client with the following very old environment: … Continue reading Oracle Database 32-bit Funny Migration to 64-bit