Oracle VirtualBox: Create new Virtual Machine

In this post we are going to create a new virtual machine and configure it to use an already existing virtual disk. This disk contains Oracle Linux 6.3 + Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12.2 + Oracle Database 12.2.

We will create the machine two times, one time using the VirtualBox Manager (Gui Interface), and another time using the command line interface (vboxmanage)

I- Create VM Using the VirtualBox GUI Interface

Run the VirtualBox Manager

From the “Machine” menu , select “New”

Enter the memory size

Now adjust some machine settings, add a host-only adapter. click CTRL+S:

Also, you may configure shared folder between the host and the new machine or you can change any other attribute.

Now the machine is created successfully and you can proceed to start it.

II- Create VM Using the VirtualBox Command-Line Interface

In this method, i’ll use the “vboxmanage” command line interface to create and configure a new VM.

In the first step, we will create the Vm, specifying its name, location and OS type.
in this step, we will register our VM with the VirtualBox
In this step, we will create a storage controller of type SATA
In this step, we will attach an already existent disk to the disk controller of our VM
Next, we will modify the VM to assign more memory and cpus + 2 network interfaces.

Now, we have our VM created and fully configured we can start it:

Other Useful Commands:

VBoxManage list vms
vboxmanage list runningvms

vboxmanage controlvm ‘pause, resume, reset, poweroff, and savestate’
VBoxManage unregistervm
VBoxManage controlvm “VIRTUALMACHINE_NAME” poweroff

VBoxManage unregistervm “VIRTUALMACHINE_NAME” ==> This removes the VM from VirualBox. this does not delete the VM’s files.
VBoxManage unregistervm “VIRTUALMACHINE_NAME” –delete ==> This will remove both the VM and its disks.

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