Oracle Virtual Machines for Sale !

فيرشوال بوكس - ويكيبيديا

Are you looking for a virtual machine to do some hands-on labs or practice something (i.e. for Educational purposes}?

Do you have the time to build these virtual machines yourself?

Below are some really nice Virtual Machines, that I invested allot of time to build on Oracle Virtual Box, and that I used them personally to deliver many oracle workshops during the last couple of years.

Given the current conditions, I decided to sell these assets for any one who needs them and who has no time to build them himself.

This is the list of the currently available machines, along with their prices:

Simple steps to get any of the above VMs:

  1. Comment here (or drop me an email at, tell me the required VMs.
  2. Transfer the money to my PayPal account (total amount of the required VMs):

Virtual Machine Payment

Virtual Machine Payment


  • I’ll send you a private link to download the VMs along with the instructions to install them.



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