When to use SET DBID in RMAN?

According to oracle documentation:Specify a database's database identifier (DBID) when restoring a control file or server parameter file. Restrictions and Usage Notes for the SET DBID Command You should only run the SET DBID command in the following specialized circumstances: You are not connected to a recovery catalog and want to restore the control file … Continue reading When to use SET DBID in RMAN?


Change “Value” Column Width for “show parameter” in sqlplus

If you tried to increase the width of the "VALUE" column, nothing changed: I found that the NAME & Value columns have special names (for type column , it is normal): column NAME_COL_PLUS_SHOW_PARAM format A20column VALUE_COL_PLUS_SHOW_PARAM format A80 Now, it is fine.

How to Modify an Oracle Database Windows Service?

This is a quick post about how we can change some parameters for one database winodws service. Background:I have a database called PROD with version 19.3, running on Windows. Its service looks like: This Windows service was configured with the parameter file:D:\app\db193\WINDOWS.X64_193000_db_home\database\initPROD.oraFor some reason, I want to change the parameter file to be:M:\app\oracle\database\initPROD.ora{Actually, I'm preparing … Continue reading How to Modify an Oracle Database Windows Service?

ORA-01623 & ORA-00312 while dropping one red log file

I got the following errors while dropping one redo log group: Please note that our database is an RAC One Node database that I'm trying to convert to Single-Instance database based on the client requirements.So, thread 2 (instance 2), is not there actually.If we query about the redo log files of instance 2: So, what … Continue reading ORA-01623 & ORA-00312 while dropping one red log file

Oracle Virtual Machines for Sale !

Are you looking for a virtual machine to do some hands-on labs or practice something (i.e. for Educational purposes}? Do you have the time to build these virtual machines yourself? Below are some really nice Virtual Machines, that I invested allot of time to build on Oracle Virtual Box, and that I used them personally … Continue reading Oracle Virtual Machines for Sale !

Oracle Read Only Tables

Starting from Oracle 11gR1, oracle allows us to change a table to be a read-only table. Let us have a quick demo: I'm connecting as user HR ( to a 19c pluggable database). I have a small table "DEPT": So, now I'm going to change the table to be read only table: Now let us … Continue reading Oracle Read Only Tables

Oracle RMAN Database Full Cold Backup Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJjm1U5x61M For similar script for the full database hot backup: https://ahmedfattah.com/2019/11/14/oracle-rman-full-hot-backup-script/ ThanksAhmed

Oracle RMAN Database Full Hot Backup Demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EItbFz09Thc For similar script for the database full cold backup, please refer to: https://ahmedfattah.com/2019/11/14/oracle-rman-database-full-cold-backup-demo/ ThanksAhmed

What is the difference between Oracle RAC One Node and Oracle RAC?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM6ckWFlyeM ThanksAhmed