Oracle Database 20c is now Generally Available

Oracle Database 20c is now Generally Available on the cloud two days ago, 14-Feb-2020. Oracle 20c is next major database release. It includes many new fetaures espcially in the following areas: BlockchainMachine LearningSecurityJSONIn-Memory For a quick introduction to this new release: Also, for complete list of the new features, please refer to the: Oracle Database … Continue reading Oracle Database 20c is now Generally Available

How to Create Autonomous Datawarehouse Database (Always Free Services)? ThanksAhmed

Exadata – Flashcache Contents/objectNumber

This is a quick post about a question that I got about the objectNumber in the "list flashcachecontent" output, is it the same as object_id in the dba_objects in the database? Answer: No, objectNumber is not the same as object_id in dba_objects, actually it maps to the "data_object_id" not the "object_id" Example: Also, the tablespaceNumber … Continue reading Exadata – Flashcache Contents/objectNumber

Exadata Database Machine: 12c Administration Workshop

This Exadata Database Machine: 12c Administration Workshop training introduces you to Oracle Exadata Database Machine, covering the features and capabilities of the Exadata Database Machine X6 product family. In this course, you will be introduced to Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service. Explore the various Exadata Database Machine features and configurations, with emphasis on the unique … Continue reading Exadata Database Machine: 12c Administration Workshop

Oracle Exadata Log Files

When time came to troubleshooting , we started to search and review the log files. At stress time, one may waste time searching about the location of these log files. So, it may be a good practice to document the location of your environment log files, so as to reach them quickly when you need … Continue reading Oracle Exadata Log Files

Oracle Database Guard 12c Implementation with RAC (Step-by-Step)

Introduction: This is a real data guard implementation case for one of my clients. Data Guard is implemented between two clusters that reside on two different supercluster machines. The below procedure applies between any two clusters, it doesn't matter if it is a supercluster or Exadata or normal servers. I tried to put as much … Continue reading Oracle Database Guard 12c Implementation with RAC (Step-by-Step)

Oracle Database Migration to Exadata – Case Study

Objective: This report will show the detailed steps that we followed to migrate a real client production database from its current production server to the Exadata machine. Environment:  SourceTargetServer Nameprod-n-214exa-db-101Database NamePRODPRODOracle version11.2.0.311.2.0.3O.SLinux OEL 6.5Exadata OEL 6.8Character setWE8ISO8859P1WE8ISO8859P1Clustered:Single InstanceSingle Instance Migration High Level Plan: Migration Preparation.Backup the production database.Duplicate the production database to Exadata.Post Migration stepsValidate … Continue reading Oracle Database Migration to Exadata – Case Study

Oracle tnsnames.ora Distribution Management System!

What? Does tnsnames.ora file need a Distribution Management System? In our case, the answer is yes. It is a headache to implement our client requirements without some sort of automation. What is tnsnames.ora file? tnsnames.ora is a text file that resides on the ORACLE_HOME/network/admin and contains some simple information about our databases connection information, it … Continue reading Oracle tnsnames.ora Distribution Management System!