Installing Oracle Apex 5.1.4 on Oracle Database 12c R2

This is a quick post on how to install Oracle Apex version 5.1.4 on Oracle Database 12.2 on Windows platform. 12cR2 Update: From Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) onward APEX is not installed by default, so you no longer need to worry about uninstalling APEX before creating PDBs. The software is still shipped with … Continue reading Installing Oracle Apex 5.1.4 on Oracle Database 12c R2

Combining Resource Consumer Groups with Application Modules in #Oracle

Uwe Hesse

This article contains a complete working example for the Resource Manager on the command line for those of you who can’t use the Enterprise Manager fort it. Believe me, I feel your pain 😉

As a good practice, PL/SQL procedures should be using DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO to mark their modules and actions. Not only for monitoring purpose but also to provide a way to tweak the system if things start going ugly in terms of performance. Here’s where the Resource Manager steps in.

Sessions can be assigned to different consumer groups depending on the module. Say we have an application with certain modules that sometimes consume an awful lot of CPU resources or way too much parallel processes. When the problem surfaces, you may not have enough time to fix the coding because it’s a live production run. The mentioned tweak – if prepared beforehand – may save the day. Let’s look…

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