Oracle Apex Deployment Models in a Multitenant Database

Following are screen shots from one of my latest presentations about this topic: References: ThanksAhmed

Installing Oracle Apex 5.1.4 on Oracle Database 12c R2

This is a quick post on how to install Oracle Apex version 5.1.4 on Oracle Database 12.2 on Windows platform. 12cR2 Update: From Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) onward APEX is not installed by default, so you no longer need to worry about uninstalling APEX before creating PDBs. The software is still shipped with … Continue reading Installing Oracle Apex 5.1.4 on Oracle Database 12c R2

How to change the Apex Application from LTR to RTL?

If you are developing Arabic application using Oracle Apex and want to change the the direction of the whole application from LTR(Left-To_Right) to RTL (Right-To-Left) , heer are the quick steps: 1- Select the application Select Shared Components. then select "Globalization" Then set the "Document Direction" attribute to "Right-To-Left" That is all! ThanksAhmed