Bad Request Error connecting to

Whenever I tried to connect to from google chrome or Brave browsers and then clicked the “Login” button, I got the following error message:

Bad Request
The request could not be understood by server due to malformed syntax.

It works fine from Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge.
I tried to clear the browser cache, cookies, and DNS cache, but it didn’t help.

This issue happens only with this oracle site not with any other sites (either Oracle or non-oracle)


After some research, I found two solutions:

The first solution is to open this site from private window:

For google chrome ==> New Incognito Window (or CTRL+SHIFT+N)

For Brave ==> New Private Window (or CTRL+SHIFT+N)

The second solution is fully clear the history, cache and cookies as follows:

Settings ==> Advanced (or Additional Settings) ==> Privacy and security
==> Clear browsing data ==> Advanced
==> Time Range = “All Time” and select:
Browsing history
Download history
Cookies and other site data
Cached images and files

It is very important to set the Time Range to “All Time” before deleting the historical data.

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