Oracle Database 19c (19.3) Installation on the Oracle Cloud Compute Instance.

As, I already have access to one Oracle Cloud Free Compute Instance (Oracle Linux), then I decided to install Oracle database 19c there and create a test database.

This time, I’ll use a different technique by installing Oracle Database rpm.
Oracle delivered the oracle database software as rpm for Linux since Oracle 18c.

Installation procedure is very simple and is well documented here:

Installation Prerequisites:

Login as root:
Download and install the Oracle Preinstallation RPM:

#yum -y install oracle-database-preinstall-19c

If you have Redhat Linux, then you need to download the rpm first then install it:
# curl -o oracle-database-preinstall-19c-1.0-1.el7.x86_64.rpm

# yum -y localinstall oracle-database-preinstall-19c-1.0-1.el7.x86_64.rpm

This package will prepare the environment for the Oracle Software installation (installs required packages, creates users, creates directories, sets limits,…etc).

Download the Oracle Database 19c Software:

You can download the software rpm file (2.5 GB) from the following link:
Move it to any directory in your server.

Install Oracle Database 19c:

# yum -y localinstall oracle-database-ee-19c-1.0-1.x86_64.rpm

It took about 15 minutes to fully install Oracle 19c software

Creating and Configuring an Oracle Database

To create a sample database with the default settings, perform the following steps:

Log in as root.
To configure a sample Oracle Database instance, run the following service configuration script:

# /etc/init.d/oracledb_ORCLCDB-19c configure

This script creates a container database (ORCLCDB) with one pluggable database (ORCLPDB1) and configures the listener at the default port (1521).

{Note:You can modify the configuration parameters by editing the /etc/sysconfig/oracledb_ORCLCDB-19c.conf file.}

When I run the above script for the first time, I got the following errors:

[WARNING] ORA-04031: unable to allocate 1048848 bytes of shared memory (“shared pool”,”unknown object”,”PDB Dynamic He”,”alls-ktimcem”)

[WARNING] ORA-04031: unable to allocate 1048848 bytes of shared memory (“shared pool”,”unknown object”,”PDB Dynamic He”,”alls-ktimcem”)

Credit goes to “Sean Scott” to fix this issue (along with how to get root access!):
In his post , Sean found out that:
Oracle is calculating the value of memory_target based on 40% of the system’s physical memory.
So, we need to modify this default setting in the “$ORACLE_HOME/assistants/dbca/templates/General_Purpose.dbc” file as follows:

cd /opt/oracle/product/19c/dbhome_1/assistants/dbca/templates
vi General_Purpose.dbc

modify this value from 40 to 70 or more

But, before we run the command again, we need to do some cleaning due to the failed command first:
So, we need to stop the listener and delete the network configuration:

[root@mylinuxvm1 ~]# /opt/oracle/product/19c/dbhome_1/bin/lsnrctl stop
cd /opt/oracle/product/19c/dbhome_1/network/admin
rm *.ora

Now, run the command again:
# /etc/init.d/oracledb_ORCLCDB-19c configure

This time, it went smoothly, and the database was created successfully.

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