The file name(s) would be too long for the destination folder

While copying 40GB folder on Windows 10 from partition E:\ to partition F:\, and after copying most of the files, I received the following error message:

I checked this folder and I found that its path name is too long.
So, the problem is not in the folder name, it is the path name length who is too long.
As, I cannot change the original file/folder location, because it belongs to an installed application, so I stucked here !.

After some research, I found that Windows restricts filenames and file paths to under 260 characters.

Please note that this issue appears when you are copying or moving the files, not on the original installation of the files by the application installer.

As a workaround, I used another way to copy the folder from the Windows Power Shell, it looks like that the above limitation is not there.

Open Power Shell
cd to the directory that contains the folder that you want to copy.
Use the following command to copy the folder instead of copying it from Windows Explorer:

Copy-Item app -Destination F:\ -Recurse

This fixed the issue.


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