For Loop in Oracle Database 21c and before 21c

This is a quick comparison between the "For Loop" in oracle database 21c and pre Oracle 21c.In Oracle Database 19c: set serveroutput ondeclare i number(5,1);begin for i in 1 .. 5 loop dbms_output.put_line (i); end loop;End;/ In Oracle Database 21c: set serveroutput onbeginfor i number(5,1) in 1 .. 6 by 2, reverse 7 .. 14 … Continue reading For Loop in Oracle Database 21c and before 21c

Oracle Database 21c Documentation

Oracle Database is the world's most popular database. Available on cloud and on-premise platforms, Oracle Database 19c is the most recent long term release, with an extended support window. Oracle Database 21c is the latest innovation release, initially available on Oracle cloud through Autonomous Database Free Tier and Database Cloud Service. For Oracle Database 21c documentation: For Oracle Database … Continue reading Oracle Database 21c Documentation