Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express 12c Overview

Oracle Database 12c introduced Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express 12c. Oracle Enterprise Manager Express is a Web-based interface for managing an Oracle database. Using Oracle EM Database Express, you can perform basic administrative tasks such as user, performance, memory, and space management. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control is no longer available. EM Database Express is … Continue reading Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express 12c Overview


Oracle Apex Deployment Models in a Multitenant Database

Following are screen shots from one of my latest presentations about this topic: References: ThanksAhmed

Oracle 12.2 Database Creation

This post is just a screen cast for the process of creating a new container database with two PDBs in Oracle version 12.2. Login to the database server, set the ORACLE_HOME , PATH and DISPLAY , then run the Database Configuration Assistant "dbca" as oracle user: Check the listener status and ensure that the newly … Continue reading Oracle 12.2 Database Creation