How to drop an Oracle Database using dbca in silent mode?

I have one 12c (12.2) database called "TEST" that is running in archivelog mode, and for some reason I want to drop this database. grid@test01:~$ ps -ef|grep pmongrid 11233 1 0 21:32:47 ? 0:03 asm_pmon_+ASMoracle 11360 1 0 21:33:19 ? 0:07 ora_pmon_TEST Unfortunately, I can't run dbca in GUI mode, so, I want to drop … Continue reading How to drop an Oracle Database using dbca in silent mode?

Installing Oracle Sample Schemas (19.3)

Donate to support our blogging work$1.00Click here to purchase. In this post, I'm going to explain how to install Oracle sample schemas, if they are not already installed. If you created a database sing DBCA , you can select to install the sample schemas: Or you can install sample schemas manually after the database creation … Continue reading Installing Oracle Sample Schemas (19.3)

Protected: Oracle RAC 12c Installation on Linux

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Oracle 12.2 Database Creation

This post is just a screen cast for the process of creating a new container database with two PDBs in Oracle version 12.2. Login to the database server, set the ORACLE_HOME , PATH and DISPLAY , then run the Database Configuration Assistant "dbca" as oracle user: Check the listener status and ensure that the newly … Continue reading Oracle 12.2 Database Creation