[INS-32101] While installing Oracle Database on Windows in a Fail Safe Environment


I’m installing Oracle Database 12c R2 ( software on Windows, as part of installing and configuring an Oracle Failsafe 4.2.1 environment.

What is the problem?

While installing Oracle Database software on Windows, and at step number 5 “Oracle Home User”, I specified a domain user in the form:
But, when I clicked “Next”, I received the following error:
[INS-32101] Specified Oracle Home user does not exist

Please note that the user “company.local\abc-oinstaller” is a domain user, and it is a valid existing user.

After some research, I found a similar issue during a RAC installation, and that issue was due to the length of the user name (including domain name) exceeds 15 characters:

Also, it looks like this issue is related to Oracle Database software only, as for Fail Safe, I used lengthy name before, like:
UNC.com\Administrator ==> 21 character
and it worked fine without issues.

Final Solution:

For my case, I implemented the following solution:
I created another domain user without administrative privileges called “DB”, its full name is as follows:
and I used that user as the Oracle Home user during the database software installation, and the installation proceeded smoothly without any errors.

Please note that for database 12c in Oracle Fail Safe environment, you must use a domain user without administrative privileges as Oracle Home user. If you used normal local user or any other type of users, installation may be completed successfully, but integration with Fail Safe will fail at later stage.

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