Oracle Database 19c Release Updates (RUs) and Release Update Revisions (RURs)

Following is a list of all RU (Release Updates) and RUR (Release Update Revisions) issued for the Oracle Database 19c (19.3) since Apr-2019 till today 24-Jun-2021.

Please zoom-in to see the above picture clearly, or see it partitioned below:

Please note that:
– Both RUs & RURs are released quarterly (Jan, April , Jul & Oct).
– RU includes new features, optimizer changes and security fixes.
– RUR includes security fixes only.
– Each quarter, two RURs are released for the last two previous RUs.

  • For example, at Jan-2020, two RURs were released:
    One for Oct-2019 RU, and
    One for Jul-2019 RU.

Following is a text version from the above table ( in case you need to search or copy-paste):

  • Apr-19
    Base release 19.3
  • Jul-19
    DB RU (Patch 29834717)
    GI RU (Patch 29708769)
    OJVM RU (Patch 29774421)
    DB RUR 19.3.1 (Patch 29799057) (04-Jun-2019)
    GI RUR 19.3.1 (Patch 29800658) (04-Jun-2019)
  • Oct-19
    DB RU (Patch 30125133)
    GI RU (Patch 30116789)
    OJVM RU (Patch 30128191)
    DB RUR (Patch 30080447)
    GI RUR (Patch 30134717)
    DB RUR (Patch 30087906)
    GI RUR (Patch 30135696)
    WIN BP (Patch 30151705)
  • Jan-20
    DB RU (Patch 30557433)
    GI RU (Patch 30501910)
    OJVM RU (Patch 30484981)
    DB RUR (Patch 30446054)
    GI RUR (Patch 30464035)
    DB RUR (Patch 30446228)
    GI RUR (Patch 30463911)
    WIN BP (Patch 30445947)
  • Apr-20
    DB RU (Patch 30869156)
    GI RU (Patch 30899722)
    OJVM (Patch 30805684)
    DB RUR (Patch 30797938)
    GI RUR (Patch 30923276)
    DB RUR (Patch 30830913)
    GI RUR (Patch 30923448)
    WIN BP (Patch 30901317)
  • Jul-20
    DB RU (Patch 31281355)
    GI RU (Patch 31305339)
    OJVM RU (Patch 31219897)
    DB RUR (Patch 31204483)
    GI RUR (Patch 31326441)
    DB RUR (Patch 31212138)
    GI RUR (Patch 31326451)
    WIN BP (Patch 31247621)
  • Oct-20
    DB RU (Patch 31771877)
    GI RU (Patch 31750108)
    OJVM RU (Patch 31668882)
    DB RUR (Patch 31666885)
    GI RUR (Patch 31719890)
    DB RUR (Patch 31667176)
    GI RUR (Patch 31719845)
    WIN BP (Patch 31719903)
  • Jan-21
    DB RU (Patch 32218454)
    GI RU (Patch 32226239)
    OJVM RU (Patch 32067171)
    DB RUR (Patch 32072711)
    GI RUR (Patch 32127230)
    DB RUR (Patch 32066676)
    GI RUR (Patch 32127175)
    WIN BP (Patch 32062765)
  • Apr-21
    DB RU (Patch 32545013)
    GI RU (Patch 32545008)
    OJVM RU (Patch 32399816)
    DB RUR (Patch 32441092)
    DB RUR (Patch 32819074)
    GI RUR (Patch 32580003)
    GI RUR (Patch 32821581)
    DB RUR (Patch 32421507)
    GI RUR (Patch 32579970)
    WIN BP (Patch 32409154)

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