Agent configuration has failed

While deploying a new OEM agent on a Windows server using agentDeploy.bat, I received the following error:

INFO: s_agentSrvcName=Oracleagent13c1Agent
log location is setlog
Writing the following contents into C:\agent\\agent_13.\install\oragchomelist
Both /etc/oragchomelist and /var/opt/oracle/oragchomelist does not exist.
The value of chainInstall : false forceConfigure : false skipValidation : false
Validating oms host & port with url:
Validating oms host & port with url:
The status is 1
Validated the oms host and port :- —-1159
Validated the agent port:- —-3872
shared agent value is :false
Agent configuration has failed

If we test the 1159 port connectivity from the target server to the OEM server using the PowerShell “Test-NetConnection” command:.

So, either the firewall on the OEM server is blocking port 1159, or the Antivirus software on the target server is blocking traffic.

In our case, I stopped the Antivirus on the target server temprorary, and run the agent_deploy.bat again, and it was completed successfully.


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