Oracle Database Locking Policy – Back to Basics

Understanding how oracle internally manages the transactions is very crucial for your applications. Dealing with the database as a black box (sending queries and receiving results), will end up with bad performance to your application or/and non-scalable application. Oracle uses locks to internally manages the concurrent access to data.Only one transaction can modify any piece … Continue reading Oracle Database Locking Policy – Back to Basics


Virtual Machine with Oracle Database 12c R2 12.2 and Oracle Restart For more information on how to get this VM and other similar machines, please refer to: ThanksAhmed

Oracle Virtual Machines for Sale !

Are you looking for a virtual machine to do some hands-on labs or practice something (i.e. for Educational purposes}? Do you have the time to build these virtual machines yourself? Below are some really nice Virtual Machines, that I invested allot of time to build on Oracle Virtual Box, and that I used them personally … Continue reading Oracle Virtual Machines for Sale !

Oracle Single-Instance Database Creation in a Clustered Environment